Criminal Law FAQs

Should I go to court and just plead guilty to the charge/crime?
No. Prior to entering a plea of guilty, you should meet with an attorney to at least review your options. You may be eligible for another program offered by the State that might have fewer consequences.

There is a warrant/body attachment out for me, what do I do?Contact an attorney to discuss this process. It is likely that would want to turn yourself into the Warrant Division early in the morning (3:00-5:00a.m.) so that you can have your court hearing that same morning to set bail.

Should I give statements to the police without a lawyer present?
This answer depends as to whether you are placed under arrest. Generally, be cooperative, but do not offer incriminating information.

Do I have to cooperate with the police/authorities without a lawyer?
Yes, you should cooperate and be civil, but do not offer information or evidence without at least speaking to an attorney first.

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