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For most, going through a divorce is an emotional and difficult process. Questions regarding property division, child support and child custody bring about fear and anxiety. One of our goals is to reduce these emotions and help you look at your case calmly and objectively. Print and save our Do’s and Don’ts regarding Divorce as a reminder.

At Van Gilder & Trzynka, P.C., we understand that when your case is resolved you hope for a fresh start where you are financially secure, and where the best interests of your child have been properly addressed. Our attorneys have the knowledge and skill to effectively preserve your future through mediation and collaboration. If necessary, we have the trial experience to ensure that the rights of you and your child are protected in court. Please contact us to schedule a meeting with one of our Fort Wayne divorce lawyers.

Elements to the Divorce Process

Regardless of where you are in the divorce process, there are several elements to consider:

  • Child custody: If you and your spouse are unable to agree upon a custody and visitation plan for your children, the court will base its decision on the Indiana law.
  • Child support: When determining child support, Indiana courts look at factors such as the parties income, number of children and parenting time arrangements.
  • Visitation: Indiana law is designed to afford the noncustodial parent a reasonable amount of visitation (parenting time).
  • Property division (division of assets): When a couple divorces in the state of Indiana, their property (assets and debts) is divided in a fair but not necessarily equal fashion.
  • Spousal Support: Spousal support may be awarded to either party, and is usually determined by considering factors such as the length of the marriage, the financial needs of the parties and the financial ability to pay of the other party.

Attached here are several offices and websites that might assist you during this process.

When you come into our office, you will sit down with an experienced attorney to discuss your situation. We encourage you to have your finances in order and to bring any other relevant documentation or paperwork to you initial meeting. This will help us to achieve our ultimate goal, which is to resolve your issues in a manner that is both time efficient and cost-effective.

Our clients find that their cases are often settled through mediation or collaboration strategies. Let us help you settle your uncontested or contested divorce issues outside of court. To learn more about how we can help or to schedule an appointment in our office, please call 888-255-7910. You may also contact us online.

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