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When parents divorce, they often recognize their top priority is to protect the best interests of their child(ren). However, the potential for conflict is very high during and after a divorce, so disputes over child custody and visitation frequently arise.

At Van Gilder & Trzynka, P.C., we understand that you are going through an emotionally challenging time. Our experienced attorneys will do their best to make you comfortable with this difficult process from the moment you first call. We encourage you to contact us to set up an appointment.

Custody Decisions in Indiana

In order to determine the “best interests of the child,” Indiana Courts consider eight factors set forth in the Indiana Code when making a custody determination:

  • Age and sex of child/children;
  • Wishes of each parent;
  • Wishes of the child/children (after the child turns 14 years of age, the court will give more consideration to his or her wants and desires);
  • Relationship between child and parent/s, as well as any siblings or other person who has the ability to significantly affect the child;
  • Adjustment of the child to his or her home, school and community;
  • Mental and physical health of each party involved;
  • Evidence of domestic or family violence by either parent;
  • Evidence that the child is being or has been cared for by a de facto custodian.

Click here to view the Indiana statute on Child Custody.

Click here to view the Indiana statute on Modification of Child Custody.

Our custody attorneys have worked with all of the above issues and we understand how important your family is to you. To that end, we will put our negotiation skills to work in an effort to achieve a favorable solution for everyone involved.

Successful negotiations are generally in your best interests to resolve your case in these ways. Mediation or informal negotiation efforts we have proven trial attorneys who will vigorously assert and defend your rights.

If you are facing a child custody or parenting time legal matter, we encourage you to contact us to discuss your situation. To meet one on one with one of our Fort Wayne child custody lawyers, please call 888-255-7910.

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